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Daisy Rock’s Evan Taubenfeld Demo Sweepstakes: Day 1! December 11, 2008

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I would like to thank everyone’s gratitude upon hearing the results to “Daisy Rock’s Evan Taubenfeld Demo Sweepstakes”, as well as for my 21st birthday yesterday.
Submission Page
Many of you have been wondering all about the trip that occurred earlier this month. I apologize for the delay. Finishing up the quarter, and having my internet disconnected for five days was a major setback. Now, I have completed school for Fall 2008, and my internet is now back (at least for the time being)!

So, here’s how it went…

My older sister Karyna, my guest, and I flew to Burbank on the morning of Monday, December 1st. It was my first time on a plane in over 16 years.

After landing in Southern California, we took a cab to our hotel stay at the Sheraton Universal, located right out front of Universal Studios. With the rest of the day ahead of us, we decided to take a stroll down City Walk (we decided against going to the amusement park since it was pricey, especially since we wouldn’t have had a full day there).

City Walk

Talk about your over-stimulants!

Mexican Restaurant

We had lunch, but got bored as soon as we finished. So we took the metro (lots of firsts while on this trip… I never been on the metro before!) to… Hollywood! We did your typical tourist thing of checking out and snapping picture in front of the sights.

Mickey Star

Sadly, we got bored again. We called up Karyna’s friend John, and he picked us up and took us to dinner at his favorite place to eat in L.A. “The Kitchen”, I believe it was called. And he was right. Best. Food. Ever.

The Kitchen

Then we stopped at Pink Berry.

Pink Berry

That’s basically where Day 1 ends. Afterwards, John dropped us off at our hotel. K and I decided to wind down by watching TV in our room until we got ready for bed and went to sleep.


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