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The Lamest Product Ever Invented April 23, 2010

Kleenex ® has a new invention out: the hand towel, in which involved disposable paper towels designed for hand drying. The commercial involves a family who uses the same hand towel over and over again, in comparison to a family who uses the product.

Is it just me, or am I the only one seeing something wrong with this picture?

No, it’s not just me- it’s Earth that sees the big picture.

Kleenex ® uses the comparable misconception that we need to use a something that we don’t really need, identical to the bottled water conspiracy. The company takes the “scare tactic” route by having household members believe that reusing regular hand towels is unsanitary.  The truth is, that towel of yours is not going to cause you any harm.

Doesn’t Kleenex ® realize what kind of economy crisis we live in? Not only that these disposable towels are not drying their hands any cleaner than a regular hand towel, but more tress will be cut down & more waste will be put in the landfill.

Worse yet, the company has come up with a jingle (yes, that’s right. A JINGLE) geared towards children to consume their merchandise. You can even download the MP3! (Please note the fake enthusiasm). A child will not be interested in these kind of manufactured goods. A song about it is not going to sway them, either. Nice try, though.

Save your time, save your money. This product is not worth validation.


Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2010

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Just a quick shout out to EARTH! April 22nd is known as Earth Day, which is the most-celebrated, non-religious holiday. What are YOU doing in honor of this holiday?


Bad Beef! April 15, 2010

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I admit it. I eat meat. No secret there. But I’ve been wanting to reduce my meat intake for a while. Last night I was researching different approaches. Some including tips on making your barbeque meals green. This supplied a variety of veggie burger patties by Amy’s Kitchen brand, and recipes for black and white bean burger patties (which looks rockin’ rather than revolting).

It was probably a good thing that I started researching alternatives, because then I watched this ABC News video.

HIGH levels of dangerous chemicals and metals, such as copper which contributes to Jaundice and kidney failure when consumed! Even Mexico aren’t allowing this meat into their country. So why is the USA?

That is why I would like to encourage you with me to start on this road to a greener living. Throwing or attending a summer party? PLEASE skip the meat, whether making or consuming. If you are served food, politely refuse and tell them WHY. Try the barbeque tips I found!

I plan on trying both bean recipes, and I will review them when I do. If you would like to try these recipes as well, please let me know what you think!

I really hope you will consider this project with me, or at least take the time to read this and/or spread the awareness. I really do appreciate the relationship we have together, and if there’s any way you could contribute, I would greatly grateful.



iGo Green? April 10, 2010

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With Earth Day approaching (April 22nd), I took this as an opportunity to point out a few things from my favorite TV show, Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” (Got a problem with it? Too bad. Read on).

While having my own marathon last fall, I started noticing some behavioral traits of the characters that made me ask, “Why isn’t iCarly more green?” There was even an episode, entitled “iGo Nuclear”, that even touched on the subject of being eco-friendly! Here are a few points that I wanted to note:

#1 In a numerous amount of episodes, Carly and her friends drink from bottled water. It has been proven that bottled water is unsafe and unnecessary. Tap water has been tested to be just as safe (not to mention that most bottled water ARE from tap!), not to mention you can get tap for FREE! To learn more about bottled water, please visit The Story of Bottled Water.

#2 Another matter about the bottled water situation is of the plastic. It takes a lot of energy to regenerate plastic, and many bottles end up in the landfill instead of the recycling! Using reusable bottles (like the stainless steel brand, SIGG) has become more than just a fad- it’s become more of a lifestyle, which I believe that everyone should participate in. Carly seems to be the kind of trendy girl to me that would carry around a cute & colorful SIGG with her… Let’s hope iCarly recycles those plastic bottles, at least.

#3 Speaking of plastic, in the episode “iMake Sam Girlier”, Spencer and Carly reveal that they choose “plastic” over “paper” in the grocery bag debate. Why, oh, why would you choose plastic? Better yet, how come they don’t use reusable bags, which almost all stores offer now at the checkout line? Now, there are a few things you can do about those plastic bags: reuse & recycle. Stash plastic bags away to reuse them, or iron them down to convert them into vinyl sheets (for your DIY reusable bags or a raincoat- get creative!). Plastic bags are also accepted in recycling.

#4 Okay, this point is definitely out of the ordinary. In “iEngrage Gibby”, Spencer takes home an indoor incinerator to burn all of the apartment residents’ newspapers because of a bad review on his artwork. I just have one thing to say to Spencer: “Can you say ‘carbon monoxide’?” That’s all I have to say here.

At least there are a couple of positive things that iCarly practices:

#1 In “iGo Nuclear”, Carly reveals that she takes the bus. Way to use public transportation! Using local services will reduce smog emissions. Spencer also does the smart thing and uses a motorcycle (which was a gift from Carly, as seen in “iPromote Techfoots”), which is typically more fuel efficient than most cars.

#2 Spencer, being an artist for a living, reuses items to compile in his sculptures (as seen in episodes such as “iChristmas”, where he announces he picks up found objects from the junkyard). The practice of reusing will keep trash out of landfills.

Despite looking at these negative aspects of these little details that appear on the show, it’s still very charming to watch. Just with a few minor changes to these details, I believe that iCarly will have a bigger impact on viewers by having the characters practice sustainability… Then maybe next time Carly and Freddie won’t have to go on the Roots & Berries retreat!