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The Lamest Product Ever Invented April 23, 2010

Kleenex ® has a new invention out: the hand towel, in which involved disposable paper towels designed for hand drying. The commercial involves a family who uses the same hand towel over and over again, in comparison to a family who uses the product.

Is it just me, or am I the only one seeing something wrong with this picture?

No, it’s not just me- it’s Earth that sees the big picture.

Kleenex ® uses the comparable misconception that we need to use a something that we don’t really need, identical to the bottled water conspiracy. The company takes the “scare tactic” route by having household members believe that reusing regular hand towels is unsanitary.  The truth is, that towel of yours is not going to cause you any harm.

Doesn’t Kleenex ® realize what kind of economy crisis we live in? Not only that these disposable towels are not drying their hands any cleaner than a regular hand towel, but more tress will be cut down & more waste will be put in the landfill.

Worse yet, the company has come up with a jingle (yes, that’s right. A JINGLE) geared towards children to consume their merchandise. You can even download the MP3! (Please note the fake enthusiasm). A child will not be interested in these kind of manufactured goods. A song about it is not going to sway them, either. Nice try, though.

Save your time, save your money. This product is not worth validation.